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Ctrl+Alt+Del is a shitty webcomic.
Every, fucking, time I read CTRL+ALT+DEL, I want to take the creator and beat the living shit out of him. I don't get where this comic became popular.

That's what I'm going to do this summer. I'm going to re-draw every fucking CAD comic that gets posted with better timing and less text.

Well, maybe at least one comic. >_>

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1. Why are you doing this to yourself?

2. Relevant!

Because someone is WRONG on the internet.

Thank you! Oh, gods, thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates that pile of crap.


Every fucking face.

Every fucking time.

"If I don't, they'll KEEP BEING WRONG."

Also, John and I just watched Serenity. Next time I'm over, we should rent Serenity, and watch it. Sorry about the spoilers, though, really. 3:

lol i love ctrl alt del :[

Some people like Scat porn too, it's cool.
Takes all kinds.

Wait, what?

So, liking scat porn is ok? Fuck that, anyone who likes scat porn fails life. So do people who criticize a form of art given for free to everyone. Don't like C+A+D? Then, and listen closely, DON'T FUCKING READ IT. Kthx.

No see, this argument is fallacious. If something sucks, you have every right to not settle for mediocrity, free or not.

Fuck off.

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