and other strange beliefs.

I don't know what's happening anymore. I seem to be alienating everyone, either by making the wrong comments at the wrong time, saying something the wrong way, or just having bad timing in general. I dunno WHAT it is, but it feels like there's something wrong with me.


On the whole "LJ Strike" thing.
For once in my life I'm going to say this: It's the internets people, grow up.

This is just LiveJournal. It isn't access to public drinking water or restrictions of religious rights. It's a fuckin' online service. Boycotting it is silly.

Teh end.

A moment of silence.
Arthur C. Clark, my favourite author of science fiction, has passed away at the ripe old age of 90. Rest in peace, Mr. Clark, I'll always treasure your work.

Disappearing for Awhile
Okay so. I seriously have no more time to do anything. For the next month, I am withdrawing from human society to live in the cave that is my room. There is so much left to do and so little time, various parts of me are freaking out at different times. Right now, I think my left leg is having a conniption fit because my brain just can't handle another one.

Love you all.

Head underwater, and they tell me, to breath easy...
I think I actually detest the idea of Facebook. I know how convenient it is and how well it works, but I have a severe problem with all these content management systems being so "do everything". I don't know WHAT Facebook is for, outside of general events and crap. I literally only use Facebook for events and little else. Groups mean very little, as does my wall. I have MSN and e-mail, why do I need the damned wall? Beyond that, I understand it's good for finding old friends and all, so I can appreciate that function... But the rest? Big deal.

There's a lot about Facebook that makes me want to say "fuck it" and leave. I just don't like bloatware, which is what Facebook has become. There's way too many applications and features that are just plain useless. I'm not the kind of person who enjoys having that many time-wasters.

I have LiveJournal for personal ranting, my blog for anime ranting, and MSN/AIM for messaging. I more or less only want Facebook to be two things: A friend finder, and an event planner. That's IT.

Remember that there always is
Someone with more to do
That has so much on their mind
And suffers more than you

Remember that there's always been
Someone who needs your help
Whose lot in life has been so bad
Deprived of all their wealth

Remember too when you have cried
And craved to be held firm
By stronger arms than you possess
That enabled you to learn


Short poem I wrote, not for any particular purpose but as something of a reminder to myself. I suppose it could stand to help others too.

So Sick of Being Sick
Morita (Singing)
Before I begin this little ditty of mine I'm almost certain I'm going to get flak from about 80% of you over it. That's fine, but before you start posting spammalicious amounts of hatemail and comments my way, pause to think about my general stance on humanity. If you don't know what it is, it's that I generally feel tolerant, perhaps even accepting of most everything this planet has to offer. Evolution, dinosaurs, God, gods, multiple religions, philosophies, and yes, even atheism. I've come to terms with ethical atheism as a path I don't particularly advocate nor like but in some individuals at least I can understand it.
Long rant about compassion and all that hippie bullshit.Collapse )

Well, most of my bedroom/workspace has been flooded downstairs. At first we thought it was just a minor leak from all the melting that's been going on, so we had the chemdry guys come in and lift up the carpet, put on the dryers, etc. I go down there today and guess what? There's /more/ water. WAY more. The flooding has spread halfway across the room and after checking in the furnace room (which is right next to my bedroom), I'm pretty sure the water main has a pretty major leak in it.

Now we need to get a plumber on top of it all and we won't have water for at least a day or two. What really irks me about this is that it also means I have nowhere to work unless I go to school for like the next bloody week. Don't get me wrong, working at school is fine, but NOT ALL THE TIME. I need to be able to work at home, or at least somewhere outside of the classroom. What's more is, I can't be commuting to Oakville every damned day. I already do that on a regular basis, so dealing with more of it is going to be really f*cking stressful.

I mean, it's probably only a week or so, but I hate the very notion of having nowhere to work unless I trek it out to school. Nyar... I think I might stay with someone closer to Sheridan for at least a couple of days. Just to get things rolling. >_

Political Stances.
I find it rather perplexing that people think I subscribe to a "Republican" point of view. I put that in big danger-quotes because I'm a Canadian and therefore not really prone to being "Republican" on the whole. It's hard to discern where exactly the lay of Canadian politics is because our Conservatives are bit more liberal than one might think and our Liberals are a bit more conservative than on might think. But that's the merry little clusterfuck that so happens to be part of Canadian politics.

Confusion of parties notwithstanding, I'm a Conservative voter (or was) for only one reason: I'm tired of being screwed over by the same Liberal dickery year after year after year. Conservatives have their own special brand of dickwaddery that screws you but at least it's a change from fourteen years of the same blasted "thing".

Now someone will propose I vote NDP or Green, and someone else will laugh. The reason I refuse to vote NDP is because they're a bunch of the biggest amateurs you could have when it comes to Canadian politics. The NDP has no leadership experience in its ranks, Jack Layton is a giant lying douchebag (they all are, but he's actually in denial more than the rest), and it's far too pro-unions for my taste. I have nothing against unions but they don't need a bloody political party behind them, all right?

As for voting Green, my major issue with that is that honest politics become dishonest politics via popularity. The fact is that Green looks like the good guy now but it's only a matter of time before they become cockswallowing fuckholes like the Conservatives and Liberals, only they'll legalise marijuana in the meantime, something I'm extremely against. I like the message Green has and I think they should have more of a share in how the nation functions, but I'm not sure I want them as federal leaders. As much as people distrust Stephen Harper I'm not sure he's doing such a bad job, and really that's what we as Canadians really want, isn't it? Someone who isn't fucking up every second of the day, only every other second, because we've had enough of the Liberals doing the former.

I'm not a Conservative proper however. If anything I'm an ethical liberal in my day to day life. You can't get away with being my friend and a rampant potsmoker at the same time, it just doesn't work that way. But on the other hand I'm not about to tell you that you need to believe in the economy and big business and all that sort of thing because I'm not really behind the whole "let's be corporate assholes" thing. I'm a moderate and I stand by that because any other stance is laced with equally large portions of ignorance and dicksucking.

A mild resolution.
I've resolved to be friendlier. Not to people I don't like by the way (this is NOT in fact your opportunity to buddy-buddy up with me again), but just as a general fact. I'm still likely to be the same asshole who caterwauls on about his opinions like they matter in the grand scheme of things anyway, but I'll attempt to be nicer about it. It's no small secret that I regard myself as a sort of social enigma, swinging somewhere between generally amicable and completely bloody paranoid that you're going to rape me, steal my wallet, and leave me for dead on some distant planet you sick, twisted, pile of fuck.

But see? That's not very nice of me. In all seriousness I tend to be reserved largely because I'm afraid of offending people in their own sensibilities. In a delightful bit of irony however, a part of my brain flipped over today that said "well fuck their sensibilities, be friendly anyway even if you're about as obnoxious as nitric acid up someone's rectum" and promptly made my resolution for the New Year.

Oh and there's something in there about getting more work done too. Yeah.

Hey, I got a haircut.


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